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Authorization for traveling with Minors


Consulate General of the Dominican Republic

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Authorization for traveling with Minors (under 18 yrs. old)

Description:  This letter is required when a Dominican citizen under the age of 18 years old is traveling alone/flight attendant, with only one parent or if the child enters and exits D.R. with two (2) different adults.

  1. Notarized letter signed my parent(s) authorizing child to travel to/from the Dominican Republic by themselves or accompanied by another adult. Must include name(s) and passport information of adults traveling with child. If traveling with flight attendant, include name of Airline. Specify city/state/country of travel.
  2. Copy of the child’s birth certificate
  3. Copy of the child’s passport.
  4. Copy of the passport of the adult(s) accompanying the child.
  5. Copy of parent(s) State ID or Driver’s license.
  6. Processing fee of $75.00 via money order name out the Dominican Consulate.$25.00 additional for multiple children.
  7. 7. Pre-paid self-addressed envelope for documents to be returned. We only accept USPS Priority Mail, USPS Express Mail, FedEx & UPS.


Mail all requirements to the following address;

Dominican Consulate, Chicago IL

8770 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. Ste 1300

Chicago, IL 60631

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